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Inquiries and voucher purchases in our store are only possible after a prior telephone agreement.

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This present wil definitely make s.o. happy, promissed! 

Gift vouchers for...for (almost) any occasion! (from 30 €)


We normally sell pretty, self-made gift vouchers in our shop.

Since the "normally" is unfortunately out of action at the moment, the only option available to you at the moment is to buy an e-voucher to print yourself.

Self-printing vouchers - how does it work?
Please only order the voucher by email at
(Information needed from your side: full name of the recipient; what for is the voucher: a specific massage or an amount of money?)

The voucher and the payment info will be sent to you at the latest within 24 hours after receipt of your order, after which you have 5 days for the money transfer. The voucher can be redeemed as soon as the money has reached our bank account.

The lucky recipient can then redeem the voucher online at any time afterwards (please select the category "Mit Gutschein / With voucher" online).

Important note: Vouchers are valid for exactly 1 year from the date of issue. If no date of issue is noted, the date on which the voucher was paid applies. A payment of the (remaining) & voucher value is excluded. Since our prices change over time, the voucher always refers to the amount of money paid, regardless of whether a specific massage description was shown on the voucher at the time the voucher was purchased. Generally 

Apart from festive occasions: make your (only nice!) colleagues happy or send your boss to us and you will get them back happy and relaxed!:) And, of course, do not forget to make yourself a present from time to time!

currently unavailable !
currently unavailable !

Originelles Geschenk gesucht?

Wir haben hübsche, handgemachte

Gutscheine (ab 20 €)! 


"Nickerchen" als Seminar-/Workshop-Raum am Wochenende mieten!

Buche Deine Massage oder Powernap-Nische online über den grünen Button.

(!! gilt nicht für USC und Gutscheinbesitzer!! Not to be used for vouchers and USC!!):



Ab April haben wir einen neuen Yoga-Geschäftspartner!

Interesse an Eröffnungsangeboten? Bitte um kurze Mail an uns! :)

Info: How to redeem a voucher:

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